Listen To The Angriest Customer Service Call Ever

Customer service representatives know that dealing with the enraged customers is part of their job. But when the first words out of the customer’s mouth are, “I’m your worst nightmare!” you know it’s going to be an especially miserable call.

One Reddit user uploaded a customer service call from a security systems company he used to work for. Apparently, theĀ gentlemanĀ on the other line was trying to reach another customer service rep named Michelle, with whom he’d previously spoken. He’d spent hours trying to reach her before ending up on the line with a chipper-sounding guy in tech support named Mark. And that sucked big-time for Mark.

When Mark explained that he and everyone else at the call center had no idea who Michelle was, the irate dude on the other end of the horn fired off expletives and high-pitched wails, and even said that he wouldn’t rule out finding a machine gun, showing up to the call center, and unleashing hell.

According to Gawker, the dude is banned from phoning the company again. Sad news for the internet.