Three reasons why using a Tech Recruiter could be the best thing for your career.

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If you keep up to date with the tech recruitment market, you are probably aware of the tech talent gap. There may be more tech jobs than tech talent, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easier for you to make the right career move. With organizations clamoring for experienced tech staff, it can be tempting to make a decision based on impressive salaries and great packages, without digging a little deeper to see whether or not the move really is the best one for you.

If you are considering a career move, don’t let the wealth of opportunities blind you to the possibilities. Here’s why using a tech recruiter now could be the best decision you make in your career.

1.  Networking on a global scale

There are two ways that you are going to get a new job: either because you are actively looking, or you hear about an opportunity through a connection. Somewhere between the two is notifications from job sites or industry news that you have signed up to (although the fact that you have signed up to it is an indication that you always have an eye out for a good opportunity).

Both actively seeking a job and organically finding out about one require some level of interaction with people and networks that you have made during your personal and professional lives. Former and current colleagues, industry relevant publications, friends, family, former professors; each of them has the potential to signpost you towards your next career move. Now consider a tech recruiter such as Motion Recruitment. With several service centers and dozens of specialized teams, a tech recruiter has a vast network of contacts that go far further back than your college professor or first boss.

When you are looking for a job by yourself, you will see each job, big and clear in front of you. That is great, but it can stop you from seeing the full picture of opportunities. A tech recruiter’s massive network means that they get to see the full landscape of opportunities and they get to apply their industry-specific knowledge and experience to assess them on their own merits. They will know employers who treat their staff well; they will also know the ones that have the highest staff turnover. A tech recruiter will have access to a wealth of insider knowledge that will not only help signpost you to the best opportunities, but will help you to come out on top in the selection process.

Tech recruitment can be a challenge and you may not always be successful, but your recruitment agency will keep you on file and keep pushing to find the right job match for you. In this way, you will have access to a huge source of potential jobs. The best bit? Your recruiter will do all the legwork for you, saving you time and energy for your inevitable interviews.

2.  A tech recruiter will big you up

Even the most confident candidate can struggle to talk themselves up during the selection process. This isn’t surprising as there is a fine line between confident and arrogant. What makes it even more challenging is that this distinction is often subjective; one person’s assertiveness is another’s conceit, and many candidates would prefer to stick with caution and underplay their talents rather than come across as arrogant colleagues.

A tech recruiter won’t have that problem. They will make you stand out at every stage of the process. From helping you to create a resume that emphasizes your greatest assets, to aiding you with your interview technique and coaching you on organization-specific preferences, it is in your recruiter’s best interests to make you look great. And when someone else is making you look good, it doesn’t make you come across as arrogant or overreaching; it makes you come across as talented and worthy of investment.

It is true that we are currently experiencing an employee’s market, but this could make it more challenging for you to pitch yourself to the right level. Your recruiter will stop you from shooting too high, or too low. They will match a role to your skills and the mere fact that they have done so may help to make you more ambitious about your future and confident about your capabilities. This alone could give your career a boost that would otherwise take years to achieve.

3.  It’s their job to find you the best job

A recruiter will find you a job with an organization that is right for you, and vice versa. Why? Because their success literally depends on it. A recruiting company is only as good as their ability to get good hires. It’s not good enough for them to just fill a role, only for it to become vacant months later. As far as livelihood is concerned, it is almost as important for a recruiting agency that they land you the best job as it is for you.

When you entrust your job hunt to a recruitment agency, they will take a good look at your skills and automatically scan through their knowledge of the industry to find not only open vacancies but potential opportunities that will fit with you. They will approach their clients to scope out future plans and assess the employment landscape, considering every element that is relevant to you. When you look at a job opportunity, you may be swayed by holiday time or good salary, but your tech recruiter will be able to see behind the shiny benefits and give you a full assessment of the overall package. Why? Because if they find you a job that you stay in for years to come, they look good.

Whether you are looking for a new job by necessity or choice, the search can be stressful and occasionally demoralizing. By using a tech recruiter, you can help to share that burden and take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and inside information to make the right move. And that is why going through a tech recruiter might just be your best ever career move.