5 Best Crew Neck and V-Neck Undershirts for Men That Fight Pit Stains

best mens undershirts that wont stainSome studies say that roughly six percent of Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis — which is a fancy way of saying excessive perspiration. If you are one of those people, smart money says your pits are like waterfalls and by day’s end you’re left with swamp ass and yellow-pitted undershirts.

Embarrassing? Sure. Annoying? Absolutely.

The cure is, obviously, to have a surgical procedure that removes your armpits. Since that’s tough to get covered through Obamacare — thanks, Obama! — you’re better off getting a duo of the best antiperspirants and best undershirts for men. That said, you might be asking what makes up the best men’s undershirts. Great question. Man, you’re on top of your game. Basically, you’re looking for comfort and function — so, no yellowed pits and fabric that wicks away moisture. Some of these undershirts include brands and models that were engineered to block sweat and suppress pit stains, including …

Best Crew Neck and V-Neck Undershirts For Men

#1. Ejis Waterproof Slim Fit Men’s Undershirt ($34 @ Amazon.com)

Incredibly soft, form-fitting, and fashioned with antimicrobial, odor-fighting fabric, the Ejis undershirt (pictured left) features extra fabric in the pit area to keep the stains at bay. What’s more, it’s comfy but not too clingy. That’s crucial when you’re carrying a little extra poundage but don’t want to show it off.


Thompson Tee Hydro-Shield Sweat Proof best mens undershirts #2. Thompson Tee ($25 and up)

Their Hydroshield technology — a three-layered barrier turns moisture and body to heat to vapor — also comes with tech that’ll eliminate wet marks and yellow pit stains. It’s one of the best white undershirts around that 100 percent guarantees to fend off underarm sweat.





Single V Neck best mens undershirts #3. Sweatshield Men’s Undershirts ($50 and up)

The three-layer structure and underarm shields that absorb heat and perspiration should leave you feeling fresh and dry.






KLEINERT'S Men's Sweat Proof best mens undershirts #4. Kleinert’s V-Neck Undershirt with Dry Defense Underarm Protection

Made of hand-sewn cotton, Kleinert’s undershirts are designed to help regulate the body temperature. Additionally, the reinforced collar relies on Spandex to ensure a comfy fit.





best undershirt for men bro#5. The Bro

Yeah, we know it’s the name of Kramer’s man bra from Seinfeld, and we’re guessing the makers do too. Either way, the tight fit offers a seamless appearance when worn under button-down shirts, and the concept was to make a waterproof shirt and use copper-oxide infused fabric to ward of causing bacteria.