7 Useful 2-in-1 Gadgets That’ll Make Your Life Easier

gerber black belt for men

#1 . Gerber Belt Tool ($35 @ Amazon.com)
It’s like Batman’s utility belt … except not really. Still, this Gerber unit delivers quick access to a bottle opener, flat head screw driver, or a pry bar. All of the tools are cleverly nestled in the buckle in one highly functional piece. Oh, and did we mention there’s a bottle opener, too?

bowl strainer

#2 . Multi-Function Bowl and Colander ($17 @ Amazon.com)
It’s a bowl, it’s a mixer, it’s a colander, it’s a — it’s a goddamn space saver! From mixing to draining to serving, this bowl with 11 inches of space and a convenient handle is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean; it’s perfect for small apartments, bachelor pads, or lazy guys who only want to wash one dish.

car escape tool

#3 . Emergency Car Escape Tool ($18 @ Amazon.com)
Need to break a car window? Bust out the escape tool that’s conveniently attached to your keys and slash your seatbelt (because you were wearing one!) and get out before the inevitable action-movie-style car explosion happens. Need to find your way to safety after you’ve smashed the window? Use the tool’s flashlight. There’s also a keychain panic alarm. It’s great to have, we suppose, but the other features seem more prominent.

grill tool two in one gadgets

#4 . GrillPro Chrome Plated Turner/Tong ($10 @ Amazon.com)
Sick of toting out tongs and spatulas and a bundle of other grilling tools? The GrillPro Turner/Tong combines grilling tools to adequately allow you to smoothly pick up and flip your burgers and grilled foods in one solid piece. This versatile flipper will stand up to thousands of barbecues with superior grip PVC handles. Never lose a burger or brat during transport to the toasted bun again.

measuring cup

#5 Digital Measuring Cup and Scale ($16 @ Amazon.com)
If you’re as shitty as eyeing up ingredients as you are making cocktails — “It said one part vodka, not 1pint vodka, dick!” — rely on our future overloads — computers — to do the work for you. The built-in scale has an easy-to-read display, along with the pre-set ingredient conversions, that creates a perfect measure every time.

citrus zinger

#6 . Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer ($19 @ Amazon.com)
A removable cover on end exposes a juicer for citrus. Replace cover and fill with water. Clever divider keeps the seeds out and flavor inside. The citrus at the bottom of the container continues to infuse flavor as the mixture rests. Fill up with booze any time without fruit or any other health additives. That last one was a freebie from us, not from the Zinger Juicer people. You’re welcome.

The Ironing Ladder

#7. Ironing Board & Step Ladder Combo ($50 @ Amazon.com)
We own an ironing board, and we also own a step ladder. We use the ladder way more than the dumb ironing board but, still, we sometimes need the ironing board. If only someone would help us find a solution to our problem! Aha! The portable and versatile multi-function ironing board-step ladder combo! It’s a great space saver that can go on a wall, in a closet, or behind a door.