Should You Call Her After A First Date?

should you call her after the first date

Well if the date ended with her calling the cops let’s go with a solid “no.” However, if you’re unsure as to how she was feeling when the date ended but you’re up for another round, consider these talking points …

Did she:
A) throw a drink in your face
B) threaten with a restraining order, or
C) mention she’s been seeing someone who nearly went to jail for murdering someone who hit on her

If so, don’t call after the first date. Don’t call her ever. She’s too good for you. Ah, sorry. Reverse that.

However, if you think the date went well, pick up the phone. But before you do, here are the pros and cons do doing that. You can seem desperate — that’s a con, by the way — and too eager. This might scare her off. Instead, a follow-up text saying, “Hey, I had fun last night. Hope you did too.” can’t hurt. If she replies that she didn’t have the worst time in recorded history, give it some breathing room — a few days, a week — and then ask her out again.

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Doing this does a few things. It shows her you’re not playing games. Women hate that. It also shows you’re not afraid to go after what you want. Women don’t hate that.

And if you feel uncomfortable, wait it out a week. If you get her voicemail, keep it short and sweet. Don’t ramble on and pull a “you” again.

If that’s too nerve-racking, go with an email or Facebook message seeing how she’s doing. Again, if she replies you can go in for date number two. If she doesn’t, you’re back on the meat market.

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