So, What Are The Best Places To Have Sex?

The Best Places To Have Sex

Who are we trying to kid with that headline? Not having sex is awful. So the best place to have sex is ANYWHERE YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITHOUT GETTING ARRESTED.  IThat said, there is something about finding unique and interesting places to get down. So here are some tips for keeping it discreet when you venture outside of the bedroom …
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If you’re at a public park or a densely populated area don’t pull a “these people” and cut corners when you’re looking for a secluded spot. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own smartphones now. Avoid the embarrassment and having your form commented on by snarky YouTubers by choosing a goddamn place that people don’t typically go to. No, behind a tree or bush isn’t good enough. Use your head (the other head) and locate a spot that gives you the ability to scope out any onlookers. A


Your Shower
Our editors had an argument over this. A few said the shower wasn’t one of the best places to have sex because of the water/lubrication factor. Meaning, they claimed the water caused some friction while they penetrated. Sure, they got off, but the friction was enough to distract them. But you might not hate it. If that doesn’t happen to you and you like shower sex, have the spout to your back. If you’re facing the water it can get in your eyes and mouth, causing you to focus on that instead of the fact that your penis is inside of a vagina.


In a Car
Another one that caused some friction among our editors. The taller, bulkier ones weren’t fans unless the car was an SUV and the seats were folded down. The shorter ones … well, even they said space can be tricky. In the end, no matter what you do, just don’t have sex while driving  …

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