Various Ways of Treating Drug Addiction in Men

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Drugs and alcohol abuse, as well as addiction, affect both men and women. However, there exist differences in terms of how men and women abuse drugs. Men suffer from different addictions and at higher levels than women. For instance, the overall alcohol consumption is higher for men when compared to that of women. Apart from young adults and adolescents, men tend to binge drink and drink more than women.

Marijuana use is also more common in men than in women. Men with marijuana abuse disorders are likely to suffer from antisocial personality disorder and abuse other drugs more. Additionally, men abuse heroin in greater amounts than women and their possibility of injecting heroin is higher.

If you or a man in your life is suffering from drug addiction, one of the best ways to treat the addiction is by entering a male-only rehab. Naturally, males tend to be more authentic emotionally when they don’t compete with other men for attention from females. They also focus on recovery more when not trying to develop romantic relationships with women. Essentially, gender-specific treatments create a relaxed atmosphere where there are no distractions.

Importance of Men-Only Rehabs

Studies have shown that the possibility of abusing prescription medications is higher in men than in women. More reports of illegal drug use by men are made more often than those of women. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that there is a higher likelihood for men to abuse most illicit drugs and misuse prescription medications. Additionally, use of illicit drugs causes more overdose deaths and ER visits for men than for women.

This data is a clear indication of the differences in the way men and women abuse drugs and how their bodies respond to drugs. Similarly, men and women respond to drug addiction treatment differently. Therefore, if a man is battling addiction, an all-men rehab might be the right place to undergo treatment.

Generally, men are told to be strong and unemotional while growing up. They are expected to be self-sufficient, independent, invulnerable and stoic. Therefore, expressing, understanding and handling feelings fully can be challenging or embarrassing for a man in a mixed-gender setting. In fact, some men find seeking treatment for drug addiction challenging because they don’t want to endure the perceived embarrassment. Some men find analyzing their problems difficult and they end up becoming competitive, combative or aggressive with group members or the staff.

At men-only rehabs programs, the staff is experienced in working with men that are battling drug addiction. They understand their unique challenges and how to help men overcome addiction. For instance, since men have a tendency to be goal-oriented, the staff can focus on reviewing goals with patients and ways to move to the next steps.

The staff at a male-only rehab can help patients view treatment for addiction as a symbol of strength rather than personal failure or weakness. The fact that men undergo treatment for drug addiction around other men provides the knowledge that they are not battling addiction alone. They realize that there are other men affected by drug addiction too.

How Professional Rehabs Help Men

Severe addiction to drugs is common among men more than women for various reasons. Specifically, the genes that play a role in drug addiction and taking drugs to fit in with peers and social environments. Professional rehabs are designed with additional stimulating ways that divert the attention of men from their desire to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Rehab centers also provide therapies that are designed with men in mind. Gender bias and stereotyping are ingrained in the human subconscious in terms of how males and females socialize. Everybody expects men to behave in certain ways in the presence of women. This can affect the effectiveness of treatment programs in mixed-gender rehabs.

Male-only rehabs are designed with men in mind. They provide more detailed and focused treatment. Strong teamwork activities and physical activities are part of the treatment programs. These help in rebuilding men’s confidence that they may have lost during their active addiction.

Professional rehabs provide resources that match the life situation of the addicted men. A drug rehab for men is run by professionals that understand the fact that addiction treatment should address the problem from its roots rather than the addictive behaviors. They also understand that men have different responses when subjected to gender-based addiction treatment. Therefore, they focus on providing personalized treatment for addiction.

The Bottom Line

Male-only rehabs are beneficial for recovery due to gender differences in substance abuse and response to treatment. Going to a rehab for men enables a man to realize that he is not the only man battling addiction. Men also don’t feel judged in male-only rehabs than in mixed gender centers. Also check if your healthcare insurance will cover rehab. Ones such as Tricare drug rehab coverage may help.

About the Author

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