Video: 275,000 Dominoes Falling

“What would you like to do for the next 10 minutes?”

“Watch geeks topple over 275,000 dominoes they spent countless hours arranging creatively.”

If you’re like us, you have never had that conversation. But against our better judgment, we watched this video, and we found it shockingly captivating. While the feat is billed as 275,000 dominoes falling, the truth is only 272,297 (out of 277,275) hit the deck. (Amateurs!) And in the midst of all that was a Guinness World Record-setting attempt for “most dominoes toppled in a spiral,” at 82,068.

All of those goddamned dominoes took 12 people eight days to set up — but we’re guessing their phones weren’t ringing off the hook with people asking them to hang out socially, so no harm done. The company that sponsored the event, Sinners Domino Entertainment, has been involved with other record-breaking domino feats before. And yes, the owners are probably absolute torture to sit next to at dinner parties.

That said, the video really is oddly engrossing and relaxing.