Video: A DIY Motion-Detecting Automatic Nerf Sentry Gun

If you and your buddies happen to find yourselves in a heated battle with neighborhood gang members children, have we ever got a homemade Nerf Vulcan sentry gun for you! The modified gun has a capacity of 100 bullets … or darts, or whatever Nerf calls them. And it fires them in a relentless barrage that would annoy even the calmest of foes. But the coolest part is that the gun has motion-detecting software that tracks a target as the target moves, much like the sentry guns in Aliens. (Skip to 2:30 to watch it track a target … and, if you’re like us, to be very surprised by what the creator of the gun looks like.) But the gun can also be programmed to not shoot at certain people. Though why would you bother doing that?

How does it work? Hell if we know. The creator spells some of it out for the first couple minutes of the video. What, do we have to spell everything out for you? Watch the demonstration, lazybones!