Video: British Bozo Calling a Baseball Game

Looks like we’ve found yet another thing we’re better at than the English: Doing play-by-play and color commentary at baseball games. Granted, baseball is an American sport, but we play soccer — FINE, “football” — here and are still able to announce the game without using phrases like “Wowzers in me trousers!” and “Mork & Mindy, that’s going for six!”

Okay, so maybe this video is a little bit of a parody. But we still think it’s really funny — and an extremely accurate representation of just how goofy the English can be. Our favorite parts: His “home run” call at the beginning, who he thinks Ichiro really is, and the way he reads the box score as though it’s a cricket score. Have you ever watched cricket and tried to determine exactly what’s going on and how teams score? It’s impossible.

Anyway, enjoy, you wankers!

(via Devour)