Video: Couple Caught Having Sex While Driving (SFW)


You’re driving down I-290 outside of Chicago, minding your own business, chatting with your wife, when you see it — two people in a minivan humping each other as they hurtle down the freeway in the lane next to you. So naturally you pull out your camera and attempt to subtly film the action while your wife harangues you for being kind of a pussy about getting the once-in-a-lifetime (unless you live in Florida) shot. But, get the shot you do.

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The guy doing the camerawork wasn’t that subtle about filming the whole thing, however — the couple in the minivan clearly know they’re being filmed and clearly don’t really care. Which isn’t surprising, considering they’re boning while speeding down the highway, during the day, with the windows down.

If there’s a bright side, it’s that they weren’t on their cell phones! According to the National Safety Council’s recent report, one in four car accidents — or 26 percent — involve the use of cell phones. The DMV lists other common distractions as reaching for objects inside of the vehicle, looking for an object or event outside of the vehicle, reading, and applying makeup. Guess what’s not on there? That’s right — having sex while driving.

(via Chicagoist)