Video: The Best-Worst Back-to-School Ad Ever

You know how some things, like Troll 2, are so bad they’re good? Well, we’re on the fence as to whether this back-to-school video for the East Hills Shopping Center in Missouri fits into that category. It’s awful in every way imaginable. From the shoddy production quality to the non-acting to the improvised lyrics, this video is the shits.

But man is it memorable.

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So does that make it a good way to brand itself? Like, the “any press is good press” arena? Or does it do little more than expose the world to more shitty YouTube videos?  We’re confused. And we just watched the video again, so now we’re angry. In fact, that does it. We’re no longer going to consider having kids simply so we can avoid spending any money to send the child back to school. This one’s on you, East Hills Shopping Center.