We All Missed The Best House Party In Michigan’s History [Video]

Twenty-year-old James Taylor from Michigan went all Project X with his going away party. Because of his decision to throw the most badass house party in his town’s history, he is no longer known for being the kid with the bodacious goat patch. Instead, he’s James “The Dude Whose House We Totally Fucked Up” Taylor.

The party had an estimated 2,000 guests, and those lucky folks were treated to entertainment from two DJs, a fire-thrower, and go-go dancers. Oh, and there was booze. Lots and lots of booze (as evident by the chaotic condition of his home as well as the passed out dude he references at the 34-second mark.

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Of course, some assholes had to go and be assholes about Taylor’s generosity. There were allegations underage drinking and sexual assault, as well as six drug ODs. Still, Taylor said he hasn’t ruled out a coming home party. And yes, of course we’ve already emailed about getting on the VIP list.