Want To Make More Money? Tuck In Your Shirt [Survey]


Fruit of the Loom, makers of comfy yet inexpensive underwear, and makers of a universe where grapes and other fruits can talk and speak while apparently living around some guy’s waistband, are now in the research game. Turns out, a survey they did with 1,000 guys ages 25-60 found that 60 percent of the men who tucked their shirts in are happier at their jobs. What’s more, those who tucked also made 19 percent more money than their untucked coworkers.

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Broken down, we understand the money thing. What investment bank or CEO do you know — aside from Mark Cubans and Mark Zuckerbergs — who don’t tuck? It just seems like tucking is as normal as wearing a ballcap facing forward for old people.

This all said, it could also be a marketing ploy to get people to hop into a tucking mode so they purchase more of whatever Fruit of the Loom has on tap for their future fashion lines. Our editors don’t tuck their shirts into their pants and they’re all happy. Right now, there are at least four that are chained to their desks crying tears of joy for their wonderful life.


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