8 Things You Should Lie To Her About

Lies It's Okay To Tell Her

As a woman, I will tell you that there are certain things you always need to be upfront about if you want a woman to trust you. Your real name, for instance. If you have a girlfriend, a wife (or husband), or have kids. If you have any STDs. If you’re currently on the run from the Johnny Law. Beyond that, there are a lot of gray areas — especially when you first begin dating someone.

I’m not saying that telling lies is something you want to make a habit of, but there are things that are better left unsaid. So if you lie to us about these eight things it won’t hurt the relationship, and might even help you avoid a blowout fight.


We know you occasionally think — or even fantasize — about an ex. (We do it, too.) But we don’t want to hear any updates about her, especially if you’re happy spending time with us. So if for some reason after a few glasses of wine we ask what Lindsay, Emily, or any of your other exes are up to these days, spare us details. Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re still into her or that you at least keep tabs on her.

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