Watch: TV Host Strips Naked During Newscast, Doesn’t Screw Up Lines

TV Anchor Strips Naked During Newscast, Doesn't Screw Up Lines [Video]

If you’re going to drop your pants and whip out your chesticles on live television, it’s best to do so while keeping a professional demeanor. Meaning, if you stumble on your lines or make mention that you’re taking out the goods, it’s not as powerful as, say, stripping naked with grace and hitting every syllable of the script.

And that’s what this talented TV host from Venezuela does in this lovely YouTube video; as her beloved soccer team drops a game to opponents, she drops trou and loses her top as well. (At least that’s what we got out of it — we only speak Klingon.)

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Something else we can’t understand — what’s up with the pixelated boobs and vagina?  She might want to get that checked out because every pair of breasts and every vagina we’ve ever seen — and there have been at least hundreds two — they weren’t pixelated. Is this just something the kids are into nowadays?

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