Use This: AlcoMate REVO Breathalyzer

alcomateWhy the hell would anyone want to own an Alcomate REVO Breathalyzer ($220) breathalyzer? If you’ve had a DUI (or in the case of some idiots we know, three!), we can think up one (or three!) major reasons why you should invest in one … or a good support group.

Plus, having one isn’t a bad thing to have when you drink often and are fond of saying “I’m good to drive” when you know the reality is that you think you’re good to drive. Knowing is smarter, safer, and way cheaper than driving while you’re impaired.

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So, how does the AlcoMate REVO work?  It couldn’t be any easier.  Turn on the device, breathe your hopefully-non-boozy-breath into it, look at results instantly. That’s it.

While most breathalyzers require yearly factory calibration, this one doesn’t. Ever. Its PRISM fuel cell technology and approval by the FDA, DOT and Coast Guard make it as reliable as the devices used by law enforcement.


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