What Award-Winning E-Liquid Flavor Should You Try Next?

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It seems like there are thousands of E-Liquid flavors out there, the only problem is trying to decide what you should try next! An excellent way to start to choose is to think about the kind of flavor types that you are likely to enjoy, and then try different flavors from within those groupings. A few of the different flavor profiles to consider are listed below.

Tobacco Flavor

If you’re using your vape as a way to help you quit smoking, the transition from cigarette to vape may be made a little easier for you if you choose an E-Liquid that is tobacco flavored. One of the toughest things about quitting smoking is breaking the habit. Some people find that doing this slowly is beneficial for them and simulating the tobacco flavor is a way to do this. Tobacco flavors are also more savory than a lot of the other flavors, which some people prefer.


A recent study found that most adults prefer the taste of sweet vapes over tobacco flavors. For those people, finding a dessert flavored E-Liquid is probably a solid choice as it doesn’t get much sweeter than that! Choose from any number of your favorite desserts, like cookies and cream, banana nut bread, apricot custard, donut, choco cream… it’s safe to assume that for any of your favorite dessert flavors, there’s an E-Liquid for that!


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, but you prefer a more straightforward fruity flavor to a dessert flavor, then go for a flavor like pineapple, grapefruit, cherry, mango or melon. It’s worth pointing out that the vape flavors that you like and don’t like can surprise you, so it’s certainly worth experimenting even with the flavors that sound odd to you.

Fruity Candy

If you’re somewhere between a dessert and a fruit person, then a fruity candy flavor could be the one for you. It’s a popular choice. ZampleBox is a vaping membership club that provides a curated box of selected E-Liquids each month based on your flavor profile. They reached out to their members to choose the best e juice from their selection, and the winner was a fruity candy flavor called H-Tears by Mighty Vapors. The E-Liquid is described as being ‘apple watermelon hard candy infused vape juice with berries.’

If you’re struggling to choose your next flavor, then signing up for a vape subscription is a great way to try out new flavors and start to work out which ones your favorites are.


Some people absolutely adore the fresh taste of a mint-flavored vape and won’t use anything else. For other people, the flavor is too cold and tingly on the tongue. Mint is a flavor that’s worth trying out early on because you’ll know straight away whether you’re going to like a minty flavor profile or not! If you do, then you know that those are the kind of flavors you want to look for in the future, and if not, then you know what to avoid.