Quitting Smoking? Here are some Things to Bear in Mind

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Cigarettes and other tobacco products have a long history and have been in use since time immemorial. They were mostly used in religious and sacred rites but over the years, tobacco has gained popularity and promotion of its use. Tobacco contains at least 69 compounds known to be carcinogenic including nicotine among others.

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that binds to the limbic system, the pleasure center of the brain and releases dopamine. This results in feelings of alertness, contentment and euphoria which is mostly craved by smokers. The effects are however temporary and you will need to keep smoking to achieve the feel-good state.

Addiction to nicotine is physical, mental and behavioral. This means that smoking cigarettes is more than just an urge but rather a lifestyle as one is accustomed and dependent on the relief it provides. Cigarettes have been proven to be harmful to your health and quitting can restore your health regardless of how long you have smoked.

Signs and symptoms of nicotine dependency include;

  • Craving cigarette and an intense urge to smoke
  • Changes in your mood, anger, depression
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, constipation
  • An increase in smoking more than usual
  • Having the desire to quit but you are unable to follow through
  • Being aware of its effects but you are unable to quit

Tobacco use has been proven to be detrimental to your health and causes more deaths than those caused by murders, road accidents, alcohol and illicit drugs combined. Apart from lung cancer, it is also the leading cause of mouth and esophageal cancers around the world. Because of these reasons, many smokers have a desire to quit.

The human body is amazing, resilient and self-healing. The minute you put out your last cigarette stub, physical healing kicks in. When you make a conscious decision to quit smoking, you should remember that it is a process rather than an event. It will take a lot from you physically and psychologically so don’t underestimate the whole concept of quitting smoking.

Here are ways you can reduce and resist the urge to smoke

Nicotine Pouches

These are clean, odorless and fresh alternative to cigarettes or tobacco products. The pouch contains synthetic nicotine, sweeteners, flavorings, water and plant-based fibers. They are pre-portioned and are placed between the gum and lip where nicotine is absorbed into the blood stream through the mucous membrane.

You can purchase nicotine pouches from Prilla, an online shop that offers the finest brands of the same in the market. The pouches are ideal for people who are trying to quit smoking and they satisfy your cravings without the guilt and consequences of using cigarettes.

They also have a range of flavors such as Mint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Coffee, Citrus, Mango, Honey lemon, Menthol, Black cherry, Spearmint, Berry and Dragon fruit. They also have unflavored nicotine pouches which are flavorless, odorless and delivers pure nicotine.

The pouches come in a spectrum of strengths ranging from light, normal, strong and extra strong. This is determined by the different levels, 2mg being the lowest and perfect for newbies to 8mg which is preferred by long term users.

Nicotine replacement therapy

These therapies are short-acting and nasal sprays, lozenges, nicotine gums and inhalers. This helps you overcome strong nicotine urges. Nicotine patches are also another alternative which is long-acting and can be used in combination with the short-acting therapies.

Avoid situations that spark the urge to smoke

You need to identify situations that most likely drove you to smoke. This could be a group of friends, stress, parties or bars. Let your family and friends be aware of your resolve to quit smoking. Do not be afraid to put yourself first by staying away from those who don’t support you.

If you used to smoke while drinking, try to cut down on alcohol as much as you can. There is a strong association between alcohol and smoking so go for alcohol-free drinks in your initial stages and later take it slow on your drinking.

There are many public places that are smoke-free including bars. You can enjoy quality time in such places with friends without having the urge to smoke a cigarette.

Reward yourself

Deciding to quit smoking is not easy and the fact that you are trying is already a huge step. Be kind and patient to yourself and reinforce new healthy habits. Take it slow and with every make a conscious decision to reward yourself for example after a week or month without smoking. You can opt for a nice meal, gift yourself or just take some time off and enjoy your achievements.

Get support

Find a support group of others who are on the same path as you. This will make it easier for you knowing you are not alone. There are online programs that are intended to offer you encouragement and provide the correct information when it comes to quitting smoking.

You don’t have to do it alone. Family members can also offer a good support system without judgment. Be honest about your goals and desires to quit and accept help when offered.

Remember the benefits

Make a list of all the advantages that comes with quitting cigarettes and read them aloud whenever you crave cigarettes. This include getting healthy, saving money spent on cigarettes, better mood and even the overall health of those close to you. This will reinforce the positive habits associated with cessation.

Adopt relaxation techniques

When you quit smoking, the whole experience could be stressful and can take a lot from you. You can practice relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing, listening to music, yoga or meditation. This will help take the edge off and you will be in a better position to deal with the urge.

Smoking is harmful to your health and even though quitting seems like an uphill task, you can do it. Healing from nicotine addiction takes time and is unique to every individual. Be patient with yourself and be wary of triggers to smoke.

It may take a few attempts and you may even give in to those urges once in a while but don’t let that discourage you. With the above tips you can still be smoke-free and lead a healthy and fulfilling life.