What Dads Need to Know About Child Support

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When a father does not pay child support, it can create some very difficult circumstances for his children. Even if the child is only a toddler, the inability of the father to make child support payments places a significant amount of stress on the children. In order to prevent this type of situation from developing, some fathers are beginning to consider taking out a loan in order to cover these types of obligations.

Increased Advocacy for Men

There have been some signs of increased legal actions favoring men, but the prevailing custodial actions still favor women.  Custody evaluators review a variety of situations and provide an unbiased and third-party opinion.

The majority of states still require that child support payments be made. Some courts have discretion to refuse to order payments if the other parent is financially irresponsible, abusive or negligent. If these conditions are present, the court will attempt to find alternative means of providing for the child. Unfortunately, in some cases the court may end up making non-custodial parents responsible for the care of their child. A divorce lawyer should be consulted.

Protecting the Child

Mothers typically will seek child support payments that reflect an ability to provide. Fathers who are unemployed, self-employed, separated or divorced are not likely to be able to meet these obligations. This is where legal issues emerge.

Fathers who are currently child support dependent but who want to retain joint legal custody of their children can also petition for an increased amount of visitation time. In some cases the increased visitation time is granted.

Lawsuits Filed by Dads

Child support laws are in place for the benefit of all children. If the father feels he is being deprived of his right to spend time with his children, a paternity suit may help encourage him to seek additional visitation rights.

Dads can also seek visitation or custody orders in the same way that mothers can. If the mother contests the paternity of the father, a court will have to decide on the issue and then enter a decision. Once paternity is established, the father can seek custody or visitation orders according to what suits his needs.

Parental Responsibilities

In a child custody case, parents should make sure they maintain a good relationship with the other parent. If one of the parents has been unfaithful, this will have an adverse impact on custody and visitation schedules. It is advisable to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse so as to avoid any complications in the future.

As more women are becoming self-employed or entering into a new relationship, child support enforcement has become more complicated when there is a divorce. Women who are in this situation should not hesitate to contact a reputable law firm that specializes in family law. These lawyers can assist you with the legal aspects of filing for child support and help you with what may be an emotional as well as financial challenge. An attorney will also fight on your behalf during any court proceedings.

Final Thoughts

An experienced family law attorney will interview the client to determine what type of problems they are facing. Based on this, the attorney will know more about child support and what actions to file in court and can advise the client on what to expect.