What is the Ideal Dining Table and Chair Height?

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While deciding on a dining room table and chairs, homeowners should carefully consider not only the style and materials of the furniture but also the height. You can choose a standard, medium or bar table depending on your desires. In that case, the chairs should match the height parameters for a relaxing time. Height proportions also vary depending on the style and thickness of the furniture you choose. Learn what height is a standard dining table and choose the perfect size for your seating furniture in this article.

Why is it crucial to pick the proper height for the dining table and chairs?

You may have never thought about the height of your table and chairs before because it didn’t bring you discomfort. However, when this problem affects you, for example, the chair is too high or too low to dine in peace – involuntarily, you begin to think.

First, a properly chosen height for the table and chairs is a comfort during lunch or conversation. Feeling uncomfortable ruins the whole atmosphere, and sitting in one place can be challenging. 

In addition, the correct proportions of the table and chairs affect the appearance of your dining room. If you do not want to make it visually heavier or cramped, you should pay attention to selecting the correct height. First, what is the standard height of a dining table?

The standard height of a dining table 

Answering the question, what height is a dining table, it equals 28-30 inches. Depending on your style, they may be shorter or taller but generally fluctuate in the range of these sizes. Many tables fit these parameters, but not always. It is essential to have a supplier with an extensive catalog of offerings to consider all possible table furniture options. Cosywood offers many top oak dining tables in its arsenal. The supplier will consider your layout’s features and desires by making custom furniture. 

How about the chairs? The dining chair and table are in direct relation to each other. If the table is of standard proportions, then the chair’s height should be appropriate; the seat’s height should be 18-23 inches. It is also worth relying on the height of the people using this furniture. The height of the backrest is more a matter of appearance and personal preference.

Average bar table and chair heights 

Bar stools and tables are the best options if you want to dilute the eating zone with more unusual furniture. They differ in height above the standard, but you should still know what is the average height of a dining table of this type. So, the bar table should be 40-42 inches high, and the chairs should not exceed 28-30 inches for comfortable use. This kind of dining table’s advantages are uniqueness, modernity and casualness. 

Counter Height Dining

Counter dining tables are a bit higher than regular ones. The good size for such tables is 34-36 inches with 24-26 inches chairs. You may choose this type of furniture if you want an eat-in kitchen and make your place more modern-looking. Also, they would be a great option if your room is small-sized, as they create a spacious and unique effect. 

Helpful hints: how do you choose the correct size dining table? 

Learn how to choose the right dining furniture by considering the following tips:

  • Consider space

If you don’t want to create the effect of “cramping” the room, you should ensure that your dining table has at least 3 pounds of space on each side. To find out what is the normal height of a dining table for your dining area, measure it and subtract 6 pounds from the length and width. 

  • Consider the weight of the table

When we talk about “weight,” we mean the visual weight of your table. If your table is made of light and lightweight material, it will give the dining room a roomier appearance. If the table is made of heavy and thick material, such as dark wood, it will weigh down the room’s appearance. UK’s best experts advise balancing furniture pieces to make it look spacious.

  • Pick suitable shapes

The shape of your desk also plays a significant role in its appearance. Once you know what is the standard height of the dining room table, you also need to consider its shape. Pay attention to the form of your eating room. Round or square tables will work great if the room is square, but if it is rectangular, it will look better with an oval or rectangular table.

The proper space between the table and chairs

Standard tables can accommodate six people. There will be 24 inches of space allocated for each of them. You can change this spacing if you put two chairs at the head of the table. But then you have to consider the space around the table because you should have nothing in the way to move the chairs in and out freely.