What Women Want Men To Wear (According To Science)

what women want you to wearPutting thought into how you present yourself is a wise decision no matter what the situation — a job interview, meeting a friend of a friend, hanging out with a woman for the first time, etc. We’re not saying you have to gawk at how handsome you are in the mirror like some vapid fitness model, but some care is necessary.

To remove the guesswork for you, we trolled a handful of studies and surveys to see what can be done to up the odds of impressing women simply through what we wear. Turns out, musk is in and reeking of effort isn’t.
#1. The Color Red
Cops love to pull over red cars, and, evidently, women dig guys who wear the color red. According to a University of Rochester study, women view guys who wear red to be more attractive and members of a higher social status.