The Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $100

Even if you hate dressing up, you’re going to have to do it. So get used to it. That means ties and sport coats and dress shoes with socks that go past your ankles. Like it or not, people — women, potential clients, bathroom attendants — judge you by your dress, specifically your shoes.

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So it when you need to make a lasting first impression, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your footwear. (We swear that pun was unintentional, but we’re still ashamed.) What might surprise you is that you can pick up a decent pair of shoes without spending too much money. Sacrifice $100 and you pick up cheap shoes that don’t look cheap.

How to get quality shoes within your budget.

Style Matters
When shopping for dress shoes, one of the most important things is finding a style that fits your personal aesthetic. Fortunately, there are plenty of great looking dress shoes available in a variety of styles and colors for under $100. From classic loafers to stylish Oxfords, you can find something that suits your taste without breaking the bank. Be sure to try on several different pairs to find one that fits you comfortably and looks great with your outfit.

Comfort is Key
It is important not only to find a pair of dress shoes that look good but also feel good when you wear them. Investing in quality materials such as leather or suede will ensure that your feet stay comfortable all day long. Make sure you buy a pair that fits correctly and has ample cushioning, so you can walk in them all day without any discomfort or pain. It is also important to make sure they have good support; this is especially true if you plan on wearing them for work or other activities requiring extended periods of standing and walking.

Quality over Quantity
Pay attention to details when it comes to buying dress shoes – pay close attention to stitching, sole material, and laces/buckles; all these components should be made from high-quality materials if possible. If anything looks cheap or flimsy, it may be best to pass on those particular shoes; after all, cheap materials do not last very long and may start falling apart after just a few wears! Investing in quality materials will ensure your shoes last longer and remain comfortable all day long – even if you wear them every single day!

Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $100

6 Cool Pairs of Dress Shoes For $100 Or Less bostonian cap toe#1. 
Bostonian Men’s Wenham Dress Lace Up ($50+ @
The most simple of dress shoes, this leather cap toe can be worn with formal and less traditional suits, and feels as at home in a business office as it does at a wedding. What’s that? Man’s best friend is a dog? Nah. We say cap toe. If you’re going to buy (or only need) one dress shoe, put your money towards a cap toe in black. The contrast lace color on this pair dresses them down and makes you look like you might be the type of dude who says “jiggy” (as in “jiggy with it”) — so, uh, opt for black if you need something more formal.


cool men's dress shoes less than $100 penny loafers#2. Johnston & Murphy Pannell Tassel Leather Loafers ($100 @
A little retro, a little conservative, and completely fail-safe — these penny loafers from trusted menswear brand Johnston & Murphy are a great slip-on option for slacks and sports coats. Also, for the really adventurous prep who likes flirting with the line that separates “Classy” from “Complete Tool” shorts. They pair well with tailored denim, too. Pennies not advised, required, or tolerated.

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