When is it Appropriate to Wear Tennis Shoes with Business Casual?

The business casual dress code can be a bit tricky at times. You want to look professional, but you also don’t want to wear anything too stuffy or uncomfortable. So, when it comes to footwear, can you get away with wearing tennis shoes? Let’s take a closer look at the details of this increasingly popular style so that you know exactly when and how to wear your favorite pair of trainers without breaking any rules.

What is Business Casual Attire?

Business casual attire is typically defined as a smart-casual style of clothing that is appropriate for many workplaces. It usually involves pieces like khakis or chinos, dress shirts or blouses, and jackets or cardigans. The goal here is to present yourself in a professional manner while still being comfortable and stylish.

When Are Tennis Shoes Acceptable?

Tennis shoes are generally considered acceptable with business casual attire as long as they are clean and well-maintained. However, there is an important caveat here: the type of job will play a huge role in determining whether or not your sneakers are indeed appropriate for the workplace.

If you work in a more creative field, such as advertising or graphic design, then your trainers may be perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, if your job requires more traditional business attire (think accounting or banking), then chances are that tennis shoes won’t fly.

How Should I Choose My Tennis Shoes?

The key here is to choose sneakers that are classic and timeless rather than trendy and flashy. This means opting for neutral colors like black, white, grey, navy blue, etc., rather than loud prints and bright colors. Additionally, make sure your shoes are free from scuffs and stains—a quick wipe down with a damp cloth should do the trick! Finally, try pairing your sneakers with slim-fit trousers or dark jeans for a smarter appearance that won’t look too casual in the workplace.


As you can see from this overview of the rules surrounding tennis shoes and business casual attire, there’s no need to break out the stilettos every time you head into work! As long as you opt for quality materials and timeless designs while keeping things neat and tidy around the office—your trusty trainers might just become your go-to choice for all your professional needs! Ultimately though—it’s important to keep in mind both your job role requirements and company policies before donning any item of clothing at work – including sneakers!