Which Aviator Sunglass Frames are Most Popular Today?

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Everyone goes through the phase of wearing aviator shades at some point in their lives. This phase may begin after watching Top Gun, or if you want to feel edgy and add sophistication to your look. Aviator sunglasses were developed by Bausch and Lomb in 1936, and they were designed for fighter pilots who were in the US military. However, over the decades, they have changed into a timeless style staple for both women and men all over the world. You can also add these timeless staples to your accessories by buying one of these iconic shades from brands like Warby Parker, Maui Jim, and Ray-Ban. The most popular aviator sunglass frames today are as follows:

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses

This is an iconic choice because Tom Cruise wore it while starring in the famous movie, Top Gun. The shades have gold frames and green lenses. In addition, the frames come in three different size options, to ensure it exceptionally fit the buyers. Moreover, the lenses are polarized, providing crystal-clear vision and great protection from ultraviolet rays.

Aviator Model: WLL0019 (VAVA)

The shades have beautiful round lenses and a geometric double bridge that makes it look more stylish. Its frame has been created from ultra-light aluminum, making it very lightweight. In addition, its strong and sturdy hinges are also made from aluminum. Interestingly, every pair of VAVA glasses has been made using environmentally friendly, lightweight, and recyclable materials.

Bajio Soldado Shades

If you like spending time by the water, then you should purchase these lenses. The lenses are polarized to eliminate the glare and blue light created by the sun on the surface of the water. In addition, the frames have classic aviator styling, and they have strong hinges to increase the durability of the shades.

Randolph Aviator Shades

If you like extravagance and are stylish, this pair of shades might interest you. This pair of shades has frames that are coated in 23-karat gold. Additionally, the lenses are polarized and will eliminate glare. Moreover, there are many different colors of lenses to choose from, like Atlantic blue, which creates a very strong contrast to the bold gold frames.

Prive Revaux Commando shades

The commando shades from Prive Revaux are not only functional but budget-friendly as well. In addition, they are polarized. They also come in ten different colors that you can choose from. Based on their affordability and variety of colors, you will definitely find a pair to match your personality and style.

Warby Parker Raider Shades

This pair of shades from Warby Parker are durable and stylish. They are created from stainless steel and cellulose acetate to provide a solid but lightweight feel. In addition, it has a sleek brow bar which will definitely create a refined look for any occasion that you want to wear it to.


Popular aviators come in a wide variety of lenses, details, and price points. Moreover, they are currently being sold by many different famous brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, and Warby Parker. However, they have all been created to have the same military aesthetic that champions functionality, simplicity, style, and versatility.