Which Master’s Program is Right for Me?

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One of the most rewarding and sustainable career fields, can be found in accounting. Accounting careers hold a wide variety of jobs, salaries, and educational degrees. When choosing to enter this field, it is important to know how far you want to go and what type of education it will take to get you there. If you have the desire to see yourself as a Chief Financial Officer in the future, then enrolling in a Master’s program is the best place to start. 

Choosing the right program is extremely important, and can also be frightening. So, we are going to spend the next few minutes looking at two in particular: a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master’s of Accounting (MAc).

Master’s of Business Administration

Earning an MBA is easily one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. While a general MBA degree focuses on a variety of skills, the majority of students entering this degree usually have a specific focus, or major. One of the more popular majors in an MBA degree plan is accounting. While studying for your MBA, you can expect to learn several advanced skills. Skills such as:

  • Gathering, interpreting, and creating quality data reports.
  • Improved leadership skills.
  • Corporate financial services

Other benefits of earning an MBA include a higher salary, improved networking skills, and personally, an increased sense of self-confidence. If you are eager to grow your career, then you should consider continuing your education in the form of a Master’s in Business Administration. 

Master’s of Accounting

While working towards your MAc, you will notice that every class is geared to be related to accounting and auditing. In a way, you will be studying everything all while looking through the lens of an accounting world-view. Topics studied vary from business law, taxation, information systems (IT), and more. As an ever evolving program, you will see that each course is geared to keep a continuous level of relevance within the financial world. One of the benefits of earning a MAc is the perspective students will receive on what it takes to become CPA certified. CPA is short for a Certified Public Accountant. This designation sets versatile accountants apart and can open the door to other accounting careers. 

Continuing Your Education

If you have a desire to keep reaching new heights in your career, then continuing your education might be the best place to start. While there are several differences between an MBA and a MAc degree, they still share some commonalities. Both are heavily involved with finances and both can lead to life-altering career changes. 

Continuing your education, to further your career, doesn’t have to be a hassle. With many schools, such as the Collat School of Business, at the University of Alabama Birmingham, offering online Master programs, you could start earning your degree today. With the steady demand of accounting careers continuing to rise; achieving your Master’s could be the best decision you have ever made.