The 5 Best Strategy Board Games for Adults

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Board Games are a fun, inexpensive yet social form of passing free time. They are being designed with gripping themes, smart techniques and a comprehensive set of rules. Whether you wish to play with family or friends, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Teaching you the skills of decision making and using the right strategy, board games for adults are a little more complex. Plan an adult’s game night and indulge in playing board games from your favorite niche. At the end of it, you will find yourself devising ways to outscore and outwit your opponent.

The 5 best strategy board games for adults are listed below –


Number of players: 3-4

Game time: Nearly one hour

This classic award-winning board game has been designed beautifully and strategically. The strategic involvement requires the players to decide when and what resources to buy, making it more suitable for adults. Tactics come in play from the very beginning when you are setting up the board. Board consists of 19 terrain blocks surrounded by the ocean. Each terrain denotes a resource like wool, brick, ore, grain, and wood. The aim is to earn 10 points by building houses and cities, owning the longest road, possessing development cards and having the biggest army. Catan has strong educational value and is available with a number of extensions allowing more people to play. This game shows healthy competition till the end.

Ticket to Ride

Number of players: 2-5

Game time: 30-60 minutes

This board game is about cross country train connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the route, more the point you make. This adventure-style board game is very easy to learn and has a few simple rules. You can either draw more cards or establish a train route or get a destination ticket. Ticket to ride is one such game that both friends and family alike to play and enjoy. There is enough room for strategy exploration, which can shape or break your game.


Number of players: 2-4

Game time: One hour

This cooperative board game requires a number of well-strategized moves as you go about curing diseases. Players work collectively to cure and foresee four diseases spreading across the world. If you are slow, the epidemic will strike. This is an extremely engaging, challenging, and addictive game. Playing against the board facilitates a growing team dynamic.


Number of players: 3-5

Game time: 2-6 hours

Risk is the greatest strategy board game where each player is allocated territories on the board. You battle your way to acquire your enemies’ territory by fighting them. Battles are decided and assigned on roll of a dice so luck plays a vital role. However, you win or lose the game with strategy alone. There are a number of variations available like a walking dead, game of thrones, and 2210 A.D. version.

Game of Thrones: The board game

Number of players: 3-5

Game Time:  3-5 hours

To all the fanatics of Game of Thrones books and TV program, each player controls the house of Westeros. Here we use war, diplomacy, politics, and espionage to gain power over enemies and fabled Iron Throne. The game takes 10 rounds and the player with most territories is declared the winner. Breaking alliances is key to victory. This is a game of sheer skills and strategy with no question of luck involved. This game can be very time consuming and not suitable for young children. Difficult to grasp and a fairly complex game makes it perfect for adults.


Strategy games have been trendy for millennia. From the early version of chess to war games, humans look to challenge their friends and family to prove their wits. Strategy games have been evolving and branching off into sub-genres. They include map-based control games, worker placement, resource acquisition, and management and war games. Board games are a great icebreaker activity especially when you have a group visiting your apartment for the very first time. You can choose from a list of classics and new contenders in the best strategy board game section for adults. Spend a fun evening by ordering pizza, calling a few friends over and trying out the best board games of all times.