Which Zodiac Sign Has the Biggest Sexual Drive?


Before you get that Gemini in the boudoir, you might want to assess your astrological compatibility. Which zodiac sign has the most sexual stamina?

While you may have been mocked for believing in astrology before, you can rest assured knowing that the majority of young people agree with you. In fact, 58% of millennials cite believing that one’s star signs are meaningful to them. Even those who aren’t sure if they ‘believe’ or not will usually acknowledge that reading one’s horoscope will stimulate thought about the things that they believe and do.

Here, we’re going to discuss the sexual stamina of the most promiscuous zodiac signs out there. If you want to use the stars to figure out who you’re going to have mind-blowing sex with next, read on!


Scorpio is often called the ‘sex sign of the zodiac’ for a reason- they have incredibly high libidos. Not only do they love a tumble between the sheets, but they love to learn all they can about sex when they aren’t having it. If you want to explore sex in extreme venues, including while submerged in water, a Scorpio might be the perfect partner for you!

Scorpios tend to be selective about who they sleep with. While they don’t require a strong emotional connection or a pre-existing relationship to have a good roll in the hay, they definitely will seek out a partner that’s sexually attractive to them specifically. They also generally want to sleep with people who are down to be adventurous with different kinks, so you might want to ask a Scorpio to try that handcuff play you’ve always been curious about.


Aries individuals are known for having high sex drives. They crave physical intimacy and are generally not too picky about sexual partners. The reason for this is that Aries are fiercely independent and take what they want, when they want it.

The one thing that Aries struggle with when it comes to their sex drives is that they’re too passionate. This means that, while they’re usually big proponents of a one-night stand, they need to find someone who’s equally passionate and raring to go. That’s really the only way that an Aries will have a good time in bed. A less passionate partner and sex will just feel… decent.


Though Taurus is generally seen as the third most promiscuous, sex-loving sign, they think about it a bit differently than Scorpios or Aries. To a Taurus, sex is a means of expressing love and intense emotion.

People who fall under this star sign generally won’t have a lot of casual sex. Instead, they’ll wait until they’re in a relationship with someone that they care for. However, as soon as an emotional connection is formed, you won’t be able to get your favorite Taurus off you!

Oh, and one more thing- Taurus and Aries? Generally regarded as an excellent match in bed. They balance each other out super well and do an awesome job of catering to one another’s needs. Just a protip for you!


Those that fall under the sign of the fish are also hugely emotional when it comes to sex. Pisces view sex as a form of melding their body with yours so that they can get closer to the heart and soul that they’ve already fallen in love with. While this may sound like a lot of pressure, don’t worry- you can’t disappoint your favorite Pisces because they love you, and they love you deeply.

Pisces may seem innocent enough, but they don’t have sex with those they aren’t fully comfortable with. As a result, they’ll want to use the time to escape from reality for a while, and you’ll totally have a chance to see them unleash their wild side. This is a privilege that you really should appreciate when given!


Despite not trusting easily, Cancer is a sign under which people have a high libido. Once a Cancer trusts you, they’ll be ready to show you an incredibly passionate and horny side of themselves that no one else would have guessed existed. Like Pisces, they have sex often with their partners because it’s a way of being affectionate with them.

The issue is that Cancers experience very high sexual highs, but very low lows, too. If you catch a Cancer on one of their off days, sex is going to feel like an entirely different experience than it was on their good days. It’ll be cold and lack passion, which no one wants. Make sure that you give your favorite Cancer space when they need it, and your sex life will be much more fulfilling.


As with everything, Leos love to show off during sex. They’re flirty, over-the-top people who are always on the prowl for a good time. If you’re a person who knows strategies of seduction, any Leo is sure to fall all over you with their high libido and fun sexual appetite.

In addition to knowing how to charm, flirt, and show off, Leos also know how to stroke their partner’s ego and make them feel good about themselves. You’re going to leave the bedroom feeling amazing both physically and emotionally. To prolong your pleasure, buy a delay spray for men and use it with your Aries. Your ego won’t be the only thing being stroked!


Aquarius aren’t big for one-night stands, but they also don’t require some deep emotional connection in order to have sex. They just want to make sure that you’re sexually compatible before getting down and dirty. They’ll observe your personality, the things you say, and the sorts of jokes that you make and calculate in their own mind whether or not they think you’d have a good time sleeping together.

If they deem it a good idea, sex with an Aquarius will blow your mind. It’s hard to get there, but the payoff is exquisite.


Libra is an air sign with a deep appreciation for beauty and harmony—qualities that extend into their sex life as well. A Libran loves indulging in activities that bring pleasure to both parties involved, such as massage or sensual play.

They also have a strong appreciation for artistry so they appreciate when partners put thought into their lovemaking sessions. Librans need emotional connection with their partner before getting physical; if this connection isn’t present then the experience will likely not be satisfying for either party involved.

Build Sexual Stamina Today

While there are a lot of ways to gauge the height of people’s sex drives, looking into star signs is an interesting and unique way to gain insight into who may be sexually compatible with you.

Now that you know the star signs that have the highest sex drives and most sexual stamina, it’s time to get more advice on sex and relationships. Check out the search function on our home page to type in keywords relating to dating, horoscopes, and more!