Why Do People Still Crave a White Christmas?

Any other day of the year waking up to snow means bad traffic, icy roads, schools being closed and plenty of disruption leading people to wish that it had never snowed at all. However, when it comes to Christmas Day it is a whole other story as people really wish and pray for a day covered in snow. There is something beautiful about a country covered in the white stuff and it could be that which leads people to hope for a snow-filled festive season.

Craving a White Christmas

There are a few reasons why people might crave a white Christmas, but the fact that it is a scene depicted across most Christmas cards, movies and pictures certainly helps! There is something truly stunning about a Christmas scene where snow can be seen to cover the ground – we see Christmas cards made up of snowball fight scenes, Robins sitting on snow-filled snow and even Christmas movies often have a scene or two where snow features a big part of what is happening. Realistically when it comes to having a white Christmas in the UK the chances are really slim, especially if you look at how often we have had one in the past. However, that doesn’t stop people from dreaming of it happening; with a Hollywood type romantic version of the day in their head – Christmas snacks by the fire, a family snowball fight and even just a walk in the snow with loved ones all seem like great dreams to have and it is these thoughts that probably lead more people to crave a white Christmas. 

I Want a White Christmas.

Realistically, if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of experiencing a white Christmas then staying in the UK is to be avoided. Of course, international travel is tricky at the moment but in an ideal world, you would be travelling to places that have most often experienced a white Christmas in the past – as this gives you the nest possible chance of being part of a white Christmas this year.

Betway Casino looked at which countries are most likely to have a White Christmas and unsurprisingly, those countries which often have snow anyway are at the top of the list. If you’re interested in visiting a country that gives you the best possible chance of being part of a white Christmas, then the places you need to look at for a Christmas break include:

· Moscow

· Nur-Sultan

· Tallinn

· Reykjavik

· Minsk

· Ottawa

· Helsinki

· Vaduz

· Vilnius

· Nuuk


Whether or not those offer up the best holiday experiences and things for tourists to do is a whole other question. However, when you look at the stats since 2009 those are the cities around the globe that have experienced the whitest Christmas’ and therefore realistically, they are the ones that are likely to have a white Christmas again; so packing your suitcase and heading there might be worthwhile if you’re someone that really craves a white Christmas.