10 Best Travel Tips For A Better Holiday Experience In Monaco


Monaco has been the subject of films, documentaries and art exhibitions for years. It’s the second smallest country in the world and sits just on the edge of France, with the Mediterranean sea visible in the south. But it’s not necessarily the shimmering sea that’s given Monaco it’s solid gold reputation for being a land of luxury.

Tourists travel from all across the world to visit Monaco, a country with a glittering reputation for 5-star experiences and once-in-a-lifetime pleasures. No matter the season, hundreds of private charter jets and yachts come to dock at the city’s port for sporting events like the Grand Prix and to spend some money at the Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo. 

But with so much on offer, how can you make sure that your holiday to Monaco is the best it can be? It’s important to consider everything from how you arrive, to activities to where you stay and eat.

There’s more to the state of Monaco than could ever be truly experienced in just a few days. So, here’s how to make the most of your holiday…

1 – Go for longer than a weekend

The first way to make your trip to Monaco one to remember is to make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to truly relax and take in the culture, food and history of the country.

2 – Travel in style


Many holidaymakers coming into Monaco will be flying on a private jet, as they want to float into their holiday in comfort, knowing that whenever they’re finished with Monaco, they can leave – without having to worry about booking a plane ticket.

This may not as outlandish as it sounds many companies would rather offer a group discount than fly with an empty plane.

But it also means that if you book to stay for a weekend and decide to stay for the Grand Prix, then you absolutely can. 

3 – Make a trip down the coastline

Monaco sits on the edge of France and is very near to the Italian border. This means that the state has an unrivalled coastline, reminiscent of postcards featuring Hollywood’s idea of the French Riviera. The beautiful blue sea and vibrant sandy beaches are matched only by the azure of the sky and gleam of the sun.

Why not hire a vintage car and a driver take the trip of a lifetime, a la James Bond in Casino Royale.

4 – Explore the views in style


Some of the best hotels in the world are in Monte-Carlo, Because of the pandemic hotels are crying out for visitors and have made changes to accommodate with touchless check-ins and digital key cards, and extra precautionary hygiene checks and supersized sanitation regimes.

A holiday in Monaco isn’t complete without top-tier accommodation – and there’s nowhere quite like the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel. It’s one of the most famous hotels in the city and often frequented by the rich and famous.

The battle to secure a booking will be well worth it, trust us. From your balcony, you’ll be able to gaze out at the unparalleled vista of the Lavarotto peninsula and watch the sun’s sparkle dance across the ocean.

5 – Take the edge off with a spa trip

To relax when you get off the plane, we recommend a trip to the Cinq Mondes Spa for a massage and facial unlike any other you’ve had before. Cleanse your body and get ready for the holiday of your life.

Hotel Spas and Spas alike are offering great deals at the moment so it’s worth Googling your favourite spa and see what they’re offering.

6 – Remember to lookup

As much as Monaco is known for its bountiful landscape and incredible views, it’s also famous throughout Europe for its lavish architecture.

Just by walking through the streets and turning your eyes to the sky, you can view the structures where art meets engineering. It’s also a free experience, we love something free in the land of milk and honey.

 7 – Make time to learn about the history of Monaco

Found intact predominantly in the Prince’s state apartments, Monaco’s historical taste for the finer things in life isn’t any clearer than in the mythological frescos that adorn the apartment’s walls. With some elements of the fortress-like buildings dating back to the 13th century, a visit to the Prince’s apartments is the perfect opportunity to combine culture with history and take a trip into Monaco’s past.

Buy tickets to a performance at the Opera de Monte Carlo, even this grand house offers reduced fees on restricted view seats.

Whether you’re a budding opera enthusiast or not, a trip to the Opera de Monte Carlo is not to be missed.

Situated in one of the state’s most iconic buildings, covered with red and gold decorative art, sits the one of the few homes of European opera. With Monaco so close to Italy, it’s no surprise that some of the most talented opera singers in the world are known to perform here.

8 – Take a chance at the Casino Monte-Carlo


After all, it wouldn’t be a trip to Monte-Carlo – let alone Monaco – without a spin on the wheels at the state’s prized gem.

The casino in Monte-Carlo was reported to be the setting for a particularly famous scene in the James Bond film, Casino Royale, however, just by reputation alone, it’s Europe’s most illustrious casino.

With so much to do in Monaco, there never seems to be enough time – no matter how long you stay. Make the most of your holiday with these tips on getting the most out of your experience.