Why does he text me every day?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting text messages from someone on the daily, but you can’t quite figure out what it all means? It can be difficult to tell if someone is just being friendly or if they’re interested in something more. To help decode his daily messages, let’s take a closer look at why he might be texting you every day.

He Wants to Connect With You

One of the most obvious reasons someone may text you every day is that they want to stay connected with you. Whether it’s for friendship or something more, regular conversation helps build relationships and maintain connections.

If he’s sending messages like “Good morning! How are you today?” or “How was your day?” then it could mean that he wants to start conversations with you and keep the dialogue going. He isn’t necessarily trying to ask anything specific—he’s just interested in staying connected with you.

He Wants Something From You

On the other hand, if he asks questions like “Do you have plans tonight?” or “Can I see you tomorrow night?” then there could be more than just friendly conversation behind his texts.

He may actually be asking for something from you—namely, some quality time together. Whether that means meeting up for coffee or grabbing dinner, this kind of message could mean that he’s interested in seeing where things go between the two of you.

He Likes You

The last possible reason he may be texting so often is that he likes you! If it seems like his texts go beyond friendly conversation and into flirting territory (like if he compliments your outfit when he sees a picture of it), then there’s a good chance that his intentions are more than just platonic. Of course this kind of behavior can only tell us so much—it doesn’t guarantee that he likes you—but it could definitely point in that direction!


At the end of the day, only one person knows why they’re sending those texts—and that’s him! The best way to get an answer might be as simple as asking him directly what his reasons are for contacting so often (just make sure not to assume anything). By having an honest conversation about your relationship status based on how often he contacts or texts, hopefully both parties will feel less confused and ultimately come away with a better understanding of each other’s feelings and intentions. Good luck!