8 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy, Committed Relationship


When your relationship starts becoming more serious, there are a lot of benefits that come with it. You’re closer, more comfortable around each other, and have a stronger connection! On the other hand, a long-term, committed relationship can also come with some difficulties the longer you’ve been together (it’s only natural), but luckily, there are ways to keep it healthy, happy, and thriving.

Learning to establish healthy habits early on will help your committed relationship prosper in the future, but it’s never too late to start! Here are eight ways to keep a committed relationship healthy:

1. Engage in Self-Growth

Even if you’re in a committed relationship, it’s still important to focus on yourself and your own personal goals. Don’t forget to prioritize your own wants and needs! Self-growth includes a lot of self-care and reflection, and being able to recognize what you need from the relationship. The more fulfilled you are in your personal life, the happier you’ll be in a relationship with someone else.

2. Encourage Self-Growth in Your Partner

In any committed relationship, it’s  important to encourage each other to be the best versions of yourselves. Help them live out their own personal goals! Encourage them to try new things, take some alone time, and do whatever they need to indulge in some self-care. Keeping your partner in a growth mindset is incredibly helpful to you both as a couple.

3. Communication

Good communication is one of the most important aspects of any healthy, committed relationship. Open and honest communication is the foundation of trust and allows you both to feel safe and supported. It’s necessary to learn how to set and communicate boundaries, take up for yourself, find healthy ways to argue, and, of course, express your feelings and gratification in the relationship.

4. Boundaries

Boundaries (whether they are physical, emotional, electronic, sexual, etc.) are an important part of every relationship. When you are in a committed relationship, it is important to communicate your boundaries and respect your partner’s. Since you have been together for so long, certain things may be presumed to be okay when in reality, they’re not

Maybe  you let certain things slide at the beginning of the relationship or have changed your views over the court of your relationship. Either way, you need to frequently check in with each other to ensure you’re on the same page.

5. Appreciate Your Differences

You and your partner are both different people with unique pasts,and that’s probably what makes you a great couple! That said, there are bound to be times when your differences cause a little friction. Accepting your partner as they are, and even learning to appreciate their differences and flaws, will make your relationship a safe and healthy space for you both to grow.

6. Keep your sex life interesting

It’s normal for your sex life to fade after you’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time. Sometimes, this can lead to feelings of discouragement or, in the worst-case scenario, infidelity. Keeping your sex life exciting can help! Switch up the location, play some sexy bedroom games, or try something new. Maintaining an emotional, physical and sexual connection is critical for keeping your committed relationship healthy.

7. Focus on Intimacy

While sex is important, other forms of intimacy are just as necessary. As you get more comfortable around your partner, you may forget to remind them how much they mean to you (since it’s implied, right?). However, no one gets tired of hearing “I love you!”

It’s important to embrace tenderness and intimacy throughout the course of your relationship to show your partner that you are happy and committed to the relationship. Focusing on intimacy can mean different things to different people, but some ideas include snuggling, hugging, sending sweet text messages, and engaging in deep conversation.

8. Relish

Sometimes, some help from experts is the best way to keep your committed relationship healthy. If you’re looking for relationship help, you can download Relish, a relationship coaching app. Relish helps you and your partner evaluate the current status of your relationship and identify ways to improve it. The professional relationship coaches at Relish can help you with a variety of different relationship struggles, including (but not limited to) creating more healthy patterns in your relationship.

It’s a great feeling to be in a committed relationship, and if you continue to practice these healthy habits, you’ll stay happy, connected, and in love!

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