Why She’s Not Having Sex With You

Why She's Not Sleeping With You

As a woman, I can assure you that women with whom you have regular sex don’t suddenly say they don’t want to have sex just to torture you. After all, we’re into it as much as you are. And that’s why we usually have a good reason for why we’re not putting out. Those reasons depend on how far along in the relationship you are, but they don’t always mean you’ve done something wrong. Regardless, when we suddenly don’t want to have sex, that probably means we want you to make the next move — a move that has nothing to do with taking off our bra. Here are the most common reasons women say no to sex, and the things you should do to ensure it’s only temporary.


#1. She has her period.
It’s not that she’s squeamish, and it’s not that she doesn’t believe you when you say you’re totally okay with having sex with her when she’s on her period. It’s that she’s not totally okay with it. (Yes, some women are okay with it immediately.) Assuming the relationship lasts, she’ll most likely relax about it.

Your play: If she’s not getting any, you shouldn’t whine about not getting. So don’t “encourage” her to go down on you.

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