Why would you rather use a bong over a waterpipe?

grav ZyVk AD Y0 unsplash

Bongs are, even as waterpipes, perfect devices to smoke marihuana or cannabis. When you investigate manners to smoke weed, bongs will definitely cross your path. But why would you choose a bong rather than the use of a waterpipe? What would be the advantage of using a bong? We would like to elaborate and give you some insights about both the devices! 

Why would you use a bong or waterpipe?

The use of a bong or waterpipe is easy to declare; using one of the two devices is a rather simple manner to use marihuana or other kinds of drugs. You don’t have to experience the struggles of rolling a blunt; the devices are easily usable with herbs and some water. Next to that, lots of smokers experience trouble with breathing and their lungs when smoking a joint. This isn’t weird, the sharp air of the herbs can irritate your respiratory system. When using a bong or waterpipe, you will experience less of trouble with this, since the smoke is softer. 

The biggest difference

Although the waterpipe and the bong are thus both used to smoke marihuana and get the feeling of being high, there are differences within the two devices. The biggest difference is the way the marihuana will enter your body. When using a waterpipe, you will smoke through the hose of the pipe. When using a bong, you will have to use a nozzle on the device itself in order to get the marihuana.

Different kind of bongs

Nowadays, there are lots of different bongs available (go see a top 10 headshop for the best options!). The bongs all have different shapes and even the materials of the bongs differ. There are three kind of materials in which you could buy a bong; glass, acryl or ceramic. When buying a bong of glass, the quality for smoking weed will be on top; but the bong of glass is often more expensive. When buying an acryl bong, you surely buy a good investment; the material does not break fast so you can make use of the acryl bong a long time. Lastly, the ceramic bong is an easy-to-use bong and it is also easy to take with you, so you could bring it to parties and use it with your friends.