Why You Deserve That Culinary Holiday Of a Lifetime, And Where to Take It

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Are you a foodie? Do you like to travel? Then why not combine your two loves and take a culinary trip of a lifetime?

Given the coronavirus restrictions we’ve all had to endure over the past couple of years, it’s likely you haven’t had a proper holiday for quite some time. Now is the perfect time to plan and take that journey you’ve always wanted to make. 

The good news is that there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to booking a culinary holiday. These can fall into two different categories; perhaps the tour you are taking focuses solely on enjoying the delightful tastes of a particular region, or alternatively, your trip may also include getting your hands dirty, maybe involving you learning how to make pasta or sushi preparation course.

Either way, the key element is, of course, the destination you select for your culinary holiday and what you can expect when you get there.

Popular Culinary Holiday Destinations

Some locations are foodie-focused, while others are popular in their own right and happen to be cities where there is no end to the culinary possibilities. 


Clearly, Paris is a destination that attracts all manner of tourists, but it’s also a veritable feast for foodies. The number of quality restaurants per mile is astonishing, and frankly, even if you had a month to take it all in, you would only scratch the surface. 

You can choose to visit the high-end locations, with flawless restaurant furniture and a menu price-tag that might leave you running low on Euros, or keep it simple and light by ‘slumming’ it with the locals. 

On top of the great eateries (catering for all budgets), there are also numerous food markets where you can really breathe in the rarefied atmosphere. 


If you prefer your foodie travels a little bit more on the scenic side, then taking a whirl around Tuscany is simply out of this world. It’s a journey that was immortalized in The Trip, and one that combines food and wine, and is one you’ll surely never forget.

One thing though, you’ll need to hire a car to enjoy this to the fullest and plan out your journey well and make sure to set out as many great stops as possible. Here you can also fit in a possible trip to a cooking school for an afternoon. 


Do you love your tapas? Do you want to take an enchanting journey through a sun-drenched paradise? Then you should be setting your sights on Andalusia and prepare yourself for a delicious break. 

While the heaving packs of tourists make their moves to Madrid and Barcelona, we suggest you aim for Sevilla and move around the surrounding area. The laid-back vibe is very enticing, and the food and sangria will keep you entertained long after the sun has gone down. 

New York

The city so good they named it twice! Much like Paris, New York is a city bustling with out-of-towners looking to drink in the pleasures it has to offer. One of those pleasures is most definitely the excellent restaurants and eateries dotted all around the city’s five boroughs.

Maybe you want to sample New York’s best pizzas, or your palette may be more in tune with a trip to one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC (there are 68 of them). Whatever your tastebuds desire, the chances are you’ll be able to quench that hankering within the confines of the city that never sleeps.


Japan has sights, sounds, and tastes that are quite unlike any other country on earth, and that’s why it’s very high up on the to-do list of many foodies. Tokyo is a real feast for the senses, and there are countless secluded alleyways and well-lit neon palaces to visit in search of great meals.

Sushi is obviously a big deal for those who would come to Tokyo searching for culinary greatness, but there is a lot more besides. The key to a successful foodie trip to Japan is to try anything that is offered, be brave, and your stomach will thank you. 

New Orleans

Much like Tokyo, New Orleans has something very unique to offer. The mixture of Creole and French influences have helped to create an edible experience unlike any other. Those who sample a visit to the city never forget it, and the ambiance is perfectly complemented by the meals you’ll enjoy here.

If you are an American tourist taking a trip to New Orleans, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to an entirely different country. As the city has widened its appeal, so has its range of excellent restaurants and food carts. A great mix of options takes in the spectrum of tastes and budgets, meaning you’ll always find something delicious to tickle your appetite.

Picking the Right Trip for Your Needs

As well as selecting the correct geographical location, you should also plan out the type of trip that will suit your party the best. For instance, a culinary journey for couples is vastly different from the one you might plan with a family group or a larger crowd.

Think if your holiday will revolve entirely around food and if so, plan your itinerary with that in mind. In other words, if Monday is a wine-tasting trip, then on Tuesday morning, you might not want to have booked an early morning truffle hunt. 

The key to an incredible culinary holiday is knowing precisely what you hope to experience and then planning accordingly. Try to leave some elements to chance; not everything has to be tightly regimented.

Above all else, enjoy yourselves and make sure to pack a pair of baggy pants.