Why You Should Build Your App on Drupal

Drupal is a content management system chosen by many famous brands. This open-source solution has many competitive advantages. Organizations of any size benefit from mobile apps based on it. Impressive systems with excellent user experience are created and deployed quickly and often inexpensively.

Companies invest in app development to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Discover what a Drupal app can do on https://gole.ms/services/mobile-integration — you will be impressed. Here are six reasons that make this technology superior.

What Is Drupal?

The system is an artful combination of core technology and additional modules. At the moment, a community of over 1 million experts contributes to its development. Drupal websites are speedy, responsive, and powerful. Today, the popularity of smartphones dictates the need for mobile optimization and app development. This CMS delivers on its promises in both realms.

Optimization And Apps

Professional development teams create websites perfect for desktop and mobile users alike. Businesses may optimize their sites for small screens, invest in apps, or do both — Drupal is impressively flexible.

Without a robust mobile site, companies attract significantly fewer visitors. The modern consumer is used to doing everything on the go. A Drupal-based site can be also converted into a progressive app, web-based or native. Make your services easily accessible from any iOS or mobile device!

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Sleep apps built on this technology have a lot to offer. Developers may pack a wide range of useful features into a single product. Your customers will be able to use the following features and more!

1.    Push Newsletters

Keep your audience updated through handy alerts. Inform them about any promotions and new products instantly.

2.    Impressive Design

Apps created by professionals will have a spectacular design. Importantly, it will work flawlessly regardless of screen size. Users will be able to use their tablets or smartphones.

3.    Convenient Payment Systems

Drupal allows seamless integration of payment processing systems. It is an essential advantage for any e-commerce site. Your customers will pay for your products using a wide range of methods, so convenience is maximized.

4.    Catalog Filters

Users can easily search through your catalog to find what they need. Versatile filtering options save their time. A slow or glitchy catalog is sure to deter visitors. With Drupal, the on-site search is a breeze.

5.    Quick Start

Consumers prefer apps that are quick to launch and easy to use. Drupal experts make sure your app is speedy.

6.    Communication Between Sites and Apps

Drupal provides a smooth and instant sharing of data between websites and apps. Every time an order is placed via a smartphone or tablet, the CMS relays this information to the platform. Any new activities, such as user registrations, queries, etc., are reflected immediately, thanks to REST API.


The Bottom Line

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS, thanks to its impressive versatility and innovative features. It is an excellent solution for any business in need of a progressive app or website.