Why You Should Consider Texas for Your Next Vacation

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The US has a wealth of amazing destinations to explore, from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the glamorous streets of Los Angeles. One location that should be on your radar for your next trip is Texas. The Lone Star State has a lot to offer travelers – both staycationers from the US and tourists from overseas – in terms of attractions, food, natural beauty, and hospitality. Keep reading to find out more.

Reasons to Visit Texas

There’s So Much to See and Do

As the second largest state in America, the sheer scale and variety of attractions on offer in Texas can be overwhelming. The NASA Space Center is one of the best things to do in Houston, while quirky Austin offers incredible live music, and San Antonio is steeped in history, with sites like The Alamo and San Fernando Cathedral. Watching live sports is a favorite pastime in the state, so try to catch a game if you can.

The Food Is Incredible

Texas is a food-lovers paradise, especially if you’re a fan of hearty home-cooked dishes. Barbecue is the state’s most beloved offering, with sticky ribs rich in flavor, overflowing pulled pork sandwiches, and sizzling brisket all waiting to be enjoyed. You’ll also find plenty of hip food trucks, classics such as corn dogs served at rodeos and festivals, fast food joints galore, and even unique Tex-Mex delights, such as breakfast tacos to keep you fueled on your vacation.

It’s a Shoppers’ Paradise

Shopping is a huge part of Texan culture, and the state has an astounding 12,834 shopping centers to choose from. In addition to big-name shopping malls, such as Dallas’s NorthPark Center and the Galleria in Houston which has over 375 stores, you’ll also find independent local boutiques, flea markets and vintage shops to explore. Whether you’re after authentic cowboy boots or high-end fashion, you’ll have no problems finding what you want.

The Scenery Is Gorgeous

Texas is much more than its cities – there’s also a vast amount of untouched wilderness to discover. One of the most unmissable spots is Big Bend National Park in the southwest, which boasts 150 miles of hiking trails that take you along lazy rivers and through rugged mountainous desert terrain. The park is also an amazing place to go stargazing, thanks to its isolated location and dark skies.

Top Tips for a Pleasant Texas Vacation

If reading this post has you convinced that Texas is the place for you, here are some handy tips that will help make your vacation as enjoyable as possible:

  • Getting around the Lone Star State without a car is difficult, so either make your vacation a road trip or hire a vehicle when you arrive.
  • Summers can be scorching hot, so consider taking your trip in spring or fall.
  • Texas is huge – bigger than many countries – so be sure to plan your itinerary accordingly.
  • Everything in Texas is bigger. This includes portion sizes, so order wisely at restaurants.
  • People in Texas are super friendly, so be open to conversations with strangers.