Why Your Business Should Develop An iOS App

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“Can you please get off your phone and talk to us?” 

This phrase is a little too familiar for the Gen Z-ers. And in fact, not only Gen Zers: most of us have heard it during the family dinners, when the older generation cannot understand why we can’t take our eyes off the screen?! 

Well, no matter if you call it the disease of the modern age or its blessing, the fact remains that 56.75% of all web traffic comes from mobiles, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So it’s time to hire an iOS developer and make sure your business does not fall out of the game just because you don’t have a mobile app! 

But if you still do not believe that developing an iOS app is key for your business, here are a few more reasons: 

4 reasons to develop an iOS app

1) Profitability 

One of the main reasons businesses consider developing an application is the high return on investment rate. And it’s not surprising. In the end, profit is one of the main goals of all the businesses out there. So the more it is, the better. 

Creating a mobile app, especially an iOS one, is almost always guaranteed to increase your cash flow. With its number of paying customers, Apple is one of the leaders in the industry as Android users usually prefer free apps. So if you’re planning to create a paid app, choosing iOS is the best solution. 

The bonus part is that the cost of developing an iOS app is, in fact, way lower than an Android one, so it’s a perfect choice. This brings us to our next point: 

2) Affordability 

Here’s the thing. Android has a wide range of devices, which means that when developing an Android app, you should think about how your app would look and function on all those devices. With iOS, the case is different: you should really only take care of iPhones and iPads. So logically, your developers will have an easier time working on your project because they will focus only on two types of products. 

Moreover, recently, Apple also announced that it would release Mac products with ARM-based Apple Silicon chips, allowing the apps created for iPhones and iPods to run natively on Mac too. For your developers, this would mean spending less time and effort on adjusting the app for desktop usage. 

In other words, if we compare Android and iOS regarding their efficiency of development, iOS is an absolute winner because it simplifies both the programming and testing parts. 

3) Security 

Finally, iOS apps are really secure. As cybercrime is becoming more and more alarming for web users, your app security turns into the essential criteria both for you and your customers. You want to make sure that your app users feel at home when using your product. If your customers are going to trust you with their personal information and card credentials, you better make sure that it all stays safe.

Overall, Apple has the reputation of being the most secure platform. So if you choose iOS development, you will offer a pretty safe experience for your users. The reason is that iOS apps are protected with pretty powerful anti-virus and anti-malware shields that make sure no personal data gets leaked. 

So if you want to assure the best protection, choosing iOS development is a good idea!

4) High reputation

Finally, the most common reason businesses choose iOS instead of Android is Apple’s Reputation. 

Throughout the years, Apple has established itself as the most prestigious and smart brand, so having your app available on iOS makes your business share a part of that image. And

We all remember the lines when the first iPhone or iPad were released. 

And until today, people seem to be crazy about the new Apple products and are ready to change their relatively new phone with another model, just because Apple released the latest version and they don’t want to miss out. 

All of this is nothing but good branding and high-level marketing, mixed with a truly quality product. 

So, if you market your app as a more prestigious one and your business follows the Apple ideology more than the Android one, go for iOS development without thinking twice! 

All that is left to say is good luck!