9 Grooming Habits That Turn Off All Women

grooming habits turn women off

Women — and I am one of them — know there are plenty of things about our grooming routines that annoy you: the length of time it takes for us to get ready, our periodic reliance on blow dryers, purses full of products.

But your grooming habits can annoy us just as much.

It’s not necessarily the things you do — it’s the things you don’t do. Sure, women like men to be men, but we don’t want you to be cavemen. So look over this list of some of our biggest grooming turn-offs and see if you recognize anything about yourself. Then, for your sake and ours, follow our simple advice on how to deal.

The Worst Men’s Grooming Habits

#1. Jacked-up toenails

Think we don’t notice how awful your feet look? Well, we get pedicures, paint our toenails, and wear uncomfortable shoes in part to make our feet look hot. So we notice feet. Make Sunday nail-trimming day and don’t let the white part grow past the end of your toe. If your nails look yellow, go to a dermatologist or podiatrist. ‘Cause that ain’t right.

#2. Bacne

Back + acne = “bacne.” And it’s not attractive. So use a back brush and body wash containing salicylic acid. Also, remove your sweaty workout clothes ASAP after exercising and shower right away; sweat clogs pores and causes zits. (We also ran a story about this, in case you’re interested: 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Back Acne.)


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