Work in These 3 Industries from Anywhere in the World

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Some people can happily work in an office every day of their life and never question it: but some want a life where they don’t have to be so stationary. 

Whether you want to be able to travel constantly, or you want the chance to travel every year or so and live in a different area to work whenever you want, there are limits to which industries can accommodate you.

These are the top industries to seek work in if you want the world to be your home, and why to seek out this type of work!

Why Work and Travel?

For many, they want their vacations and travels to be as far divorced from their daily life as possible, seeking out experiences that feel unique so they can sustain them for the rest of the year.  For others, though, this isn’t enough! 

Many want to be able to be surrounded by new experiences, new people, and fantastic views whenever they want it.  Travel is a part of life for these people, and getting to know the world is as important as breathing or getting groceries!  Thankfully, there are tons of career choices that facilitate this lifestyle!


Technology is an international language that allows you to be highly skilled regardless of your location.  Whether this means you work as a freelance web developer, traveling constantly, or you become a technology adviser for multiple companies, traveling between them whenever you need to, you can find ways to make this job work from anywhere.  

Over 75% of tech workers say they currently do or want to eventually work remotely: meaning this is an industry that’s made for travel.

Information and Entertainment

Whether you’re a freelance writer or create travel blogs, being in information and entertainment opens you up for some of the best travel jobs on Earth. So think about what skills you have and how these can line up with entertainment jobs.

If you’re a skilled writer, you can work as a freelance writer, or if you’re great in front of a camera, you could even make YouTube videos until your career kicks off.  Of course, it can take time to build an income while doing this, but it’s worth it once you do!

The Travel Industry, Of Course!

The travel industry is the best way to continue traveling while you work!  This could mean doing anything from being an airline attendant to working on cruises or even taking on seasonal jobs in parks and other vacation destinations

This industry is fluid and constantly changes, meaning that there’s a good chance you’ll get to continue taking new trips and seeing new parts of the world the longer you work in it!

Your Career Should Be What You Need!

Even though we all need money to survive, our careers should work for us, allowing us to lead the lives we want to show instead of being something we’re chained to. So seek a job that offers the perks you want in life, and your days will go so much easier!