YikeBike: The Awesomest
Electric Half-Bike Around

yike bike mmThe electric YikeBike ($2,000-$3,600) is a high-tech, two-wheeled cruiser that was built to offer people trapped in urban driving congestion an affordable alternative to the Segway ($7,000).

The YikeBike weighs 20 pounds, can reach speeds up to 14 miles per hour, and can go up to six miles on a single charge of its nano lithium phosphate battery. There’s no pedaling or sweating required, and the one-kilowatt electric motor emits zero emissions.

Maneuvering may take some getting used to; you sit on it like you would a stationary bike at your gym, except the handlebars (which also house the brakes) sit near the hips. The 20-inch front wheel should help you keep from eating gravel on test runs and help make for a smooth ride even if you roll over a bump or pothole. Anti-skid brakes and LED lights system — which is always on — are also built-in safety features.

And yes, we know the YikeBike has a goofy name. Stil, it’s foldable, fits in the trunk of a car, and is an infinitely better option than the IT, which is a means of transportation that Mr. Garrison introduced on South Park: