You Can Build Muscle (And Burn Fat) Using With Lighter Weight [Study]

train heavy always

How To Burn Fat Fast!

If you’re not under the supervision of strength and conditioning coach, finding new and lasting ways to continue making progress in the gym can get tricky — even when you’re adding exercise variety and messing with rest periods. One area that’s easy to overlook is the volume, as common wisdom states that to get strong you must lift heavy weights all of the time. That’s not the case.
Yes, training for a one-rep max on compound moves like the deadlift, bench press, and squat will help build explosive power to move the weight—but you’re training to execute that one rep.

High-volume training comes into play for endurance athletes and lifters who are looking to sustain strength for a longer period rather than short bursts. Here are four more benefits to the high-volume training style:

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