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10 Products You Need In Your Gym Bag

If you’re not sure what sorts of products every guy should have in his gym bag, let us be your spotter.

By Susan Yara

10 Products You Need In Your Gym Bag

If you want to stay in shape, going to the gym is probably a necessity. It can be tough to stay motivated at home — and besides, programs that promise awesome abs in four minutes a day don’t really work (we typically quit after three minutes).

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And while hitting the gym makes you feel healthier, you also go because you want to look good for the opposite sex. Well, even if your abs are totally ripped, you won’t get much attention if you smell and look like a nasty gym rat after you leave the gym.

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So when you’re packing up your gym bag before a workout, think ahead. You’re going to need more than a water bottle and an iPod. Your checklist also has to include products that will keep you looking and smelling clean.


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