5 Awesome Wristwatches
Under $100

Awesome watches for an even, uh, awesomer price. These five timepieces will all run you under a c-note.

By Patrick Kansa

5 Awesome Wristwatches Under $100

When it comes to watches, the lower price brackets — or the affordables as people who don’t wipe their asses with $50 bills call them — aren’t limited to budget bins with no style. These five watches disprove that point — and they’re all under $100. You’ll see brands you’d expect to see, like Casio and Timex.  But you’ll also see a brand you’ve probably never heard of and a Swiss watch.

Awesome Watches Under $100 weekenderTIMEX WEEKENDER ($45)
It’s versatile in style, so you’ll  likely able to find something that suits your own particular tastes, given the variety of case finishes, dial colors, and strap types that you can find. You can also further change the look of the watch easily (and cheaply) once you’ve got one, because a majority of them rely on one-piece nylon straps that thread over the spring bars, rather than two piece straps that require a tool to change. Plus, you’re getting a full-dial backlight courtesy of their electro-luminescent IndiGlo, which is fun to play around with.

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