Everyday Things Guaranteed To Turn On Women

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Simple Ways To Turn Women On

It’s taken a few centuries, but scientists have finally done something useful. They’ve discovered everyday things that are guaranteed to turn on women. According to actual scientific studies, certain smells, sights, and even sounds can trigger a woman’s sex drive and make you seem more attractive. And it’s not all that hard to create them with everyday stuff. You may have one of these things in your garage (or your Xbox One S). You probably have a couple in your kitchen. And you assuredly have one in your pants (nope, it’s not what you think).

No. 1: Sweat

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Your Sweaty T-shirt

She may say she hates confronting a pile of your dirty laundry, but research suggests otherwise. Just a whiff of your natural musk can enhance sexual desire. That doesn’t give you a pass to wear your nasty sweat-riddled rags for hours at a clip; a hint is all it takes.

Kissing Her Neck

Granted you have already needed to turn her on before to get to this point, but a study run by the Zoosk dating website found the neck to be the second best place to kiss a woman. Can you guess the first? (Hint: It’s the lips, perv.)

what turns women on

Hotel Sex

The wide selection of pay-per-view porn channels has nothing to do with it. Studies have found a correlation between novelty and sexual desire, so doing it somewhere new can bring the same old between-the-sheets action over the top. And if neither of you feels like springing for a night away from home, even moving the action to the guest room, the floor, the dining room table, etc. can produce the same effect.

8 things that turn women on

Sharing Pics Online

Studies have found that looking at a photo of your partner triggers activity in the area of the brain associated with dopamine — the feel-good chemical. So quit taking photos of your goddamn dinner and start snapping some of your lady. Don’t tag them right away, either. Wait until you’re going to see her again and then do it. That might help crank up her desire before you and she connects that night. Read: Sex.

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Doggy style may start with downward dog. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Lame jokes aside, researchers have found a link between regular yoga practice and increased libido. Not only that, but partner’s yoga has been found to be the key in restoring intimacy in couples who are going through a rocky time. And contrary to popular belief, guys don’t have to wear Lulu Lemon or drive a Prius to practice yoga.


Facial Hair

Maybe not to the extreme (see above), but research published in Evolution and Human Behavior found that women perceived men with beards to be more masculine than those who were clean-shaven. More importantly, guys sporting facial hair — beards, light and heavy stubble — were more attractive than dudes who shaved.


Guys Who Play Guitar

Research out of the University of South Brittany (France) published research showing that a woman was more likely to give a guy her digits while he was carrying a guitar case than if he was carrying a gym bag or nothing at all. No wonder John Mayer gets so much tail.

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A Guy Who Does Chores

Grab a broom, fellas. A study out of the U of Washington showed that men were perceived to be more caring and loving by their partners when they did chores. This, in turn, led to a bigger attraction.

The Color Red

Women who wear shades of scarlet and crimson are proven to attract more attention from men. Turns out, the reverse is also true — men garbed in red stand a better chance of attracting women. That’s because prolonged viewing of the color causes the body to increase adrenaline secretion and raise blood pressure. Red is also viewed as a dominant color in the wild, indicating power and masculinity, which explains why cardinals and lobsters get all kinds of action.

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Pumpkin Pie and Lavender Scent

Another of Hirsch’s experiments included a pumpkin pie and lavender combo and was found to boost female arousal by 11 percent.

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Dr. Pam Spurr, author of Steamy Sex and Sizzling Sx: The SexDocto’s 250 Hottest Tips and Tricks, told Men’s Health UK that curry makes for a great aphrodisiac:

“Chillies, onion and garlic will boost both your circulations.”

Guys With Dark Hair

Dating site WhatsYourPrice.com ran a study that showed women prefer men with brown or black hair to men with blonde hair. That said, women will date an older man or a redhead over a blonde man.

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Along with looking like a huge … cucumber, research suggests the scent of cucumbers is a turn-on to women while the scent of pumpkin pie is a turn on to men. Looks like it’s time to go out and buy that juicer you never really wanted.

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A Grande Latte

Inviting her up for an after-dinner cappuccino is more than a euphemism; studies have actually linked caffeine ingestion with desire. Not only that, but the caffeine kick can give both of you enough energy to knock boots instead of crashing on the couch.

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Dr. Alan Hirsch ran a series of studies at Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation and found that Good & Plenty candy paired with cucumbers boosted the female arousal rate an average of 13 percent.

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Banana Nut Bread

Lastly, a banana nut bread and Good & Plenty combination boosted the arousal rate to 11 percent. The scent of cherry and charcoal decreased the arousal rating by 18 and 14 percent, respectively.

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Indian Food

If you’re looking to get laid it might be best to forgo this because … well, digestion. Still, spices like saffron can actually rev up libido, in part because they increase circulation.


Seasoned Kissers

Cosmo magazine did a survey and concluded when a guy is too rough when he kisses it creates too much pain and pressure on a woman. Understandably, this was a huge turnoff. Remember: less is more, fellas.

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According to experts, watermelon contains an amino acid called arginine, which can increase blood flow — including to the below-the-belt regions — and crank up libido.

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