5 Grooming Tools & Products For Facial Hair Maintenance

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grooming essentials for fall beard

Consistent and minor upkeep of your facial hair says a lot about you. One, you take pride in your appearance. Two, you pay attention to details. And three, you’re not a lazy sloth who can’t be bothered to allow a gadget to trim your facial hair for you. Even better, the grooming tools and products you need for facial hair maintenance won’t cost you a bundle of loot. So you’ll look better and more put together without a huge investment.

In other words, unless you’re following Phish on tour or the zombie apocalypse is in its eighth month, never ever allow your facial hair to go full Gump. That said, if you’re planning to sport facial hair this fall and into the winter, check your grooming kits to make sure you have these five products inside …

grooming kit essentials for fall anthony logistics#1. Anthony Logistics For Men The Perfect Shave Kit ($60 @ Amazon.com)
Although you’re going to need grooming tools that are specific to facial hair maintenance — a trimmer, beard balm, etc. — you also need to consider your skin when you do touch-up shaves around the neck and cheeks. This shave kit from Anthony Logistics contains facial cleanser, pre-shave oil, shave cream, and after shave balm. It’s all you need to reduce razor burn and skin irritations during and after your upkeep.