6 Of The Best Men’s Body Washes Women Like, Too

6 Men's Body Washes Shell Like, Too

If your girlfriend refuses to shower at your place a couple of things can be the culprit. One, the cleanliness of your floors, sink, and toilet. Women notice those types of details, so grab a Swiffer and a rag and get to work. Two, your selection of grooming products. Of course, she wants you to smell manly, but she also wants access to things like body wash and facial cleanser. It’s not uncommon for women to pack their own facial cleansers in an overnight bag. Body wash is less common. To impress her — and to get yourself a little cleaner — consider these six men’s body washes that clean and moisturize skin. She’ll be happy you did, and if she’s happy, odds are that you’ll be happy, too. (Read: sex — more accurately, super clean sex.)

jack black all over wash#1. Jack Black’s All-Over Wash For Face ($46 @ Amazon.com)

You’re a guy who streamlines things, which is why you’re opting for a three-in-one body wash. It’s practical and knocks out cleaning your hair, face, and body all in one lathery shower session. The key is that it’s mild and pH balanced to meet the requirements of all areas of your body. Translation: it’s gentle enough for all areas of her body, too. If she doesn’t believe you, offer to apply it for her. You know, for science.