5 Men’s Raincoats That’ll Keep
You Dry

It’s time to ditch the garbage bag with arm and head holes cut out of it and try one of these five different styles of men’s raincoat.

By Lauren Finney

How To Pick Out A Raincoat

Now that’s it’s April, you can ditch your winter coat and snow pants (well, at least until the totally normal and not-at-all-due-to-climate-change super typhoon that dumps 30 inches of snow on Phoenix this July). But as the old saying goes, April showers bring dudes who are all wet because they don’t own a f*cking raincoat. If you want to stay dry, we recommend checking out one of these five different styles of men’s raincoats that fit pretty much any fashion needs and any budget. Whether it’s chilly, windy, or raining cats and dogs, you’ll look good and be shielded from the elements. 

modern-man-burberry-london-classic-twill-trench-coat-1295TRENCH | BURBERRY LONDON ($1,295)
The trench was originally a piece of military wear, but it’s long since transitioned into a men’s fashion staple. As the preferred coat of both hard-boiled private eyes and deviant flashers, the trench provides a sophisticated, manly look that’s great for formal occasions in milder weather. This one from Burberry features water-repellent twill, two-button front pockets, and a rain guard.

modern-man-carhart-anorakANORAK | CARHARTT MEN’S SHORELINE JACKET ($105)
An anorak is a hooded, waterproof jacket that’ll protect you in high winds and rains, making it perfect for activities like sailing and fishing, or just for making Doritos runs when the weather is lousy. Created by Eskimos for protection while hunting, anoraks have gotten shorter to allow for better mobility. They’re often made from breathable fabric — like this polyester-mesh model from Carhartt — for better performance and comfort. We also love the Shoreline because it has a removable hood.

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