What’s The Deal With Kissing On A First Date?

kissing on a first dateThe date’s going well. Meaning, she hasn’t dumped her dinner on your lap and tossed a drink in your face. But what’s the deal with kissing on a first date? Should you go for it? Should you chicken out? Is it even chickening out if you’re unsure and don’t want to blow it?

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Do you or don’t you?
Don’t push it. If you think you should go for it, you should. If you’re not feeling it, chances are high she isn’t either. Diving in when you’re unsure how she feels can jeopardize where you go from there. The object is to move past the kiss into something else (hint: sex) later on. So tread carefully and if it takes two or three dates to score a kiss, so be it.

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Technique: Less is more or go for broke?
How much is enough but not too much? Again, you’ve got to read the girl, man. If the two of you met in a bar, played footsie under the table, and she asked to “go to your place” for the night, you’d better be ready to dish out. However, if the two of you met at the Christian bake sale, a peck should suffice. Actually, maybe a fist bump may be better …

Anyway, unless you’re certain, it’s better to undershoot your gut feeling. Kissing on a first date should be measured by an ongoing barometer throughout the night. Check for cues, take mental notes, and when in doubt, go for it. You only live once, and women love confidence.