5 Great Pairs Of Boots That Can Handle Winter


Since one of the first things people (read: women) notice about you is your footwear, it makes sense to put some thought into your kicks. You want them to A) work for your budget, B) feel comfortable, and C) look as stylish as they are comfortable. This means your boots should compliment your style. For example, the same boots you use to hike to the top of Mount Doom most likely aren’t appropriate for dinner date if you’re sporting a polo or button-down that isn’t a picnic in Sherwood Forest.

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So whether you need boots for work, hikes, or just to kick around in, this variety of fall boot styles should fit your need and your budget … 

boot2#1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Demond Boot ($140 @ Amazon.com)
With a double zipper detail, double harness strap, and padded collar, these leather Desmond Boots with a manmade sole from Polo Ralph Lauren are rugged enough for the trail and can work for your style minus the flannel, Fu Manchu mustache, or broadaxe.

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#2. timberland bootsTimberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot ($80 @ Amazon.com)
The Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot will keep your feetsies warm and dry when you’re stopping through snow, puddles, or pools of zombie blood. There’s also a breathable footbed that keeps moisture at bay (read: less moisture = less foot stank) and Timberland’s B.S.F.P. (Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel) traction system.